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Sampler Basket $9.99 each
Not sure what you're hungry for? Try our sampler - onion rings, popcorn prawns, buffalo chips, fried mozzarella, and jalapeno poppers.

Popcorn Prawns $4.99 each
A generous portion of shrimp battered and fried till golden. Served with house made cocktail sauce.

Tortilla chips piled high and covered with layers of cheese, chili, olives, tomatoes, jalapenos, green onion and sour cream.

Buffalo Chips
Thin sliced potato tossed in a sweet-hot blend of spices, then deep fried.

Jalapeno Poppers $5.49 each
Large jalapenos filled with cream cheese then breaded and deep fried. Served with ranch.

Mozzarella Sticks $7.49 each
Premium mozzarella cheese breaded and fried. Served with marinara.

Chips, Cheese & Salsa $4.79 each
Tortilla chips, nacho cheese and fresh salsa.

Cheese Fries $6.79 each
French fried potatoes with melted cheddar jack cheese.

Dragon Tails $8.49 each
Breaded all white meat chicken, fried and covered in our house made FIRE SAUCE. Served with celery and homemade ranch sauce.

Onion Rings $8.49 each
Beer battered sweet onions perfectly fried and served with homemade ranch sauce.

Westy's Wings
Choice of Buffalo Tabasco or Dragon sauce with celery sticks and blue cheese.

Fries, Home Fries & Tots
Sm $1.89 | Lg 3.89

Sweet Potato Fries
Sm $1.89 | Lg $3.99

Waffle Fries
Sm $1.89 | Lg $3.89