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Join Us For The
Treasure Valley Senior Scratch Tournament!

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September 21 (passed)
October 19  (passed)
November 16 (passed)
December 21  
January 11  
February 15  
March 15  
April 19- Grand Finals


1.      The Treasure Valley Amateur is a monthly singles competition. This tournament is sanctioned by USBC

2.      Cost is $40 per entrant: $25 prize fund/$15 lineage.

3.      Eligibility: This tournament is open to any current Adult USBC Member.

4.      Divisions: 189 & below and 190 & above. ALL divisions will be scratch.

                                i.            A bowler may have the option to bowl in a higher division.

                              ii.            Once a bowler has been declared eligible for the higher division they may not move back to the lower division.


                                i.            2013-2014 High Book of 21 games or more

                              ii.            2012-2013 High Book of 21 games or more

                            iii.            Current 2014-2015 average of 12 games or more

                             iv.            If above not available, bowler will be placed in 190 & above division.

6.      All entrants will bowl 4 games of qualifying.

                                i.            You will move 1 pair to the right after the completion of each game.

                              ii.            After completion of qualifying cut will be Top 8 in each division.

                            iii.            Top 8 will bowl 1 game Match Play

a.      1v8      2v7      3v6      4v5

                             iv.            Winners of match play move on to step ladder finals. Seeding will be determined by sum of bowler’s 4 game qualifying series and match play totals.

7.      Score Sheets: ALL bowlers are responsible for writing down their scores at the end of each game. Once qualifying has been completed each bowler shall turn in their score sheet. Computer printouts will be the official score sheet in case of any discrepancies.

8.      Dress Code: Shirts must have sleeves. No tank tops or ragged attire. Long pants, slacks, or shorts will be acceptable. Hats ARE permitted. Bowlers will be asked to change their attire if deemed inappropriate by Tournament Directors.

9.      USBC rules will govern in all instances not specifically covered by any of the above rules.


For any additional information please contact Jaime Flynn or Joshua Groves at (208)376-6555

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